Summer Readin’… had me a blaaaast #YearofYA

Somehow… it’s the middle of JUNE!

Thank you for your patience with our May slow chat… working on opposite ends of the country with timezones and work demands puts a damper sometimes on what Tavia and I can team up on, but we get so much from these reading challenges and conversations with readers all over that it’s important for us to still get the questions out there and some dialogue around YA in our timelines!


This summer we both have some exciting projects – personal and professional – so we are setting you up for a summer reading challenge! Below are some fantastic reading lists and established challenges that we invite you to explore and decide what you are interested in diving into. Share on Twitter using #YearofYA on whatever challenge you decide on, or adapt…

With each great read you enjoy over the summer, please tweet about it and include #YearofYA on your journey!

Come across any good lists, hashtags, or additional challenges, share them!

We hope to host a mid-summer check-in chat in July and resume normal monthly themes as we look ahead to another school year.



Modern Ms. Darcy 2019 Reading Challenge
This is an open ending reading challenge, but could easily be applied to YA Lit. It gives goals, a guide, etc. for readers to use.

Random House YA Bingo
You pick the books based on squares of fun categories and challenges!

YA Buccaneers Choice Board
Fun ideas that inspire you to pick a book based on a theme

Librarian Michelle Annett shares these BINGO boards with students
*Make a copy for yourself to edit!
6th Grade Example
7th Grade Example
8th Grade Example

Greater Washington Reading Council fill-in-the-title example
(Mollee’s favorite! Very reminiscent of how we do themes for #YearofYA!)

Summer Reading Image

Book Lists:

ProjectLIT 2019-2020

Brightly Summer Reading List 2019

50+ YA Paperbacks for Summer 2019 Reading

Epic Reads Summer of 2019 New Releases

B&N Summer 2019 Curated Lists


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