Crossovers #YearofYA May 2019

May 2019 - Crossovers



YA is for everyone, we can agree on that statement, right?


We won’t have had this bookclub on Twitter for nearly 4 years now if adults weren’t enjoying YA as much as teens do!


But there’s a fuzzy time between when a teen is ready for college and finding “adult” books on the shelf (and no, we don’t mean adult) where there isn’t very much to appeal to adults who are young… versus “young adults.”


The adult books that bridge the gap between teenage years and early adulthood can be called “crossovers” – that’s what we’re digging into for the May 2019 #YearofYA theme!


We’ve done this theme before, but with fresh titles coming out for this age (or interest!) group coming out on the regular, and even a yearly ALA award (Alex) for adult books that appeal to teen readers, we figured it would be worth shining a light on again!


This is also inspired by 2 recent crossover reads from each of us:
One Day in December (Mollee)


Circe (Tavia).


Grab a book you think ties YA readers to the world of adult lit & join us to chat in May!


2019 Alex Awards (ALA)

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8 Great Adult Books for Teens Ready to Move On from YA

Adult Fiction for YA Readers

Book Browse

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