#YearofYA 12/17 – Reading in ’17 ‘Sleighed’


#YearofYA December '17 - Slow Chat.jpg

Yaaaaaaas, it sure did! To celebrate during this hectic month, #YearofYA is putting on a slow chat w/ Qs that fit our normal game: a thematic question that will have you thinking back on memorable books from the past year. On each date listed, we will post the question and you can answer with any books you read in 2017 (not just those published in the last year) at a time that works for you! Be sure to check #YearofYA intermittently to connect with other YA readers since Q&As will appear throughout the month.

If you post a year-in-review anywhere – a blog, vlog, goodreads list, etc – please share with us and we will share it out to other #YearofYA readers!

By the end of December, we’ll roll out the theme to kick of 2018!


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