Pumpkin Spice LIT – October ’17 PSL & #YearofYA

October 2017 - Pumpkin Spice Lit- What's the Fall Craze in YA Lit.png

We’re redefining the PSL. And no, you don’t need to hit up your local coffee shop for this tasty treat! #YearofYA is all about some Pumpkin Spice LIT in October. You might be asking… “What’s that?” Well, get on fleek and go beyond so basic.

(Speaking of which… Mila is my new favorite thing about the internet. Enjoy: Mila’s over Fantasy Football)

Cozy up with a pumpkin-y treat, a beverage, and feel free to ignore Fantasy Football (or whatever those Felicia’s are watching these days). It’s time to get PUMPKIN SPICE LIT!

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