June 2017: Narratives & Knowledge #YearofYA


Nonfiction can have a reputation with young readers: it might be all they read, or it could be what they actively avoid! This month we’re putting  a spotlight on the INFORMATIONAL side of reading – so pick up a how-to for a hobby your students might enjoy, or a narrative nonfiction that will have you reading late into the night… or the emerging niche of YouTube stars memoirs. Below are some award winners, book lists, and articles to get you started but remember — this is YOUR choice! When it comes time to chat, #YearofYA is focused on idea-sharing and growing our perspective, not on reading the same book so read what interests you 🙂

June 2017 - Narratives and knowledge- the who is and how tos in YA.png

YASLA Nonfiction Award Winners:



YA Nonfiction released in 2017 by stackedbooks.org


Recent Nonfiction releases for Young Readers:


Books by YouTube Stars by Teen.Com


Nonfiction Page Turners for Teens:


Nonfiction for Tween/Teen Girls:



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