#YearofYA April 2017 – Life after HS

How many of you have purchased “Oh! The Places You’ll Go” for a graduate? How many copies do you think they received? It’s super thoughtful and Oh! so appropriate, but lacking on originality these days. Not only are there some other fabulous picture books you can hand out instead (if that’s your thing…), so¬†why not a novel or nonfiction book to send them on their way to the next phase of life.

Young Adult lit has stretched it’s target age group. Kids as young as middle school and as old as, well… us, are picking up these amazingly written stories so naturally, authors are adjusting by offering “Middle Grade” titles and now, “New Adult” (which, IMHO has turned to mean YA+sex on endless goodreads lists when it really should be exploring¬†many mature themes but whatever). This month we’re exploring LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL! Find a book set in the days, weeks, months or immediate years after high school and read away. Maybe it’s a couple trying to figure out how they’ll survive heading to two different colleges. Or a protagonist learning that coming-of-age doesn’t always happen before 18. Perhaps someone not bound for college, but instead trying to find their place in the bigger world.

March 2017 Ideas (2)

This theme is near and dear to me (Mollee) as my first manuscript is inspired by the ups and downs of life-after-high school. I’m currently querying it to agents so don’t hold your breath to read anytime soon, but I sure am anxious to hear what you find to read this month and discuss this timeframe with YA readers!

Here are some lists to get you started: {seriously limited lists so if you find any or, better yet, make your own, please share! I’ll work on one this month too!}


Our (ever-growing) #YearofYA list:

  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  • History is All You Left Us by Adam Silvera
  • Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between by Jennifer E. Smith