I Get By With a Little Help from my Friends

2016 has been an interesting (read: challenging) year in many aspects. Truly, we wouldn’t get through it without the help from our friends.

There wouldn’t be any #YearofYA without Mollee + Tavia. And there wouldn’t be any #2jennsbookclub without Jennifer + Jennifer. BFFs are there for each other. Make ideas a reality. Cheer you on. Pick you up. Keep it real.

I (Mollee) had the amazing experience of going to YALLfest in Charleston, which is the best YA festival around. It’s casual, a great mix of signings and panels, and draws some incredible talent. (Perhaps I’ll write a whole post about it!) One panel I attended with a NEW friend — Hi Aimee! — was BFFs in YA with authors Sarah Dessen, Lance, Jesse Andrews, ??. First of all, I got a pic with my fave YA author, Sarah, whom I refer to as my TwitterBFF. She posts my thoughts 100% of the time. Pretty sure we’d be real BFFs if I ever got my books published… but I digress. They made some great points about the importance of accurately portraying friendships in their novels because romance nearly always has an expiration date, but friendship isn’t viewed with the same lens. So how does it stay sustained? What happens when the strain leads to break ups between besties? And the best question asked: who are you favorite YA BFFs?!

This Q stumped many of them!! Harry Potter was brought up… as was Perks of Being a Wallflower, TFiOS, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Of course, our favorite duo is Tina Fey & Amy Poehler, but they are real-life bad ass besties!!!

tina amy.gif


So to cap off our #YearofYA 2016 season, let’s celebrate the besties who see us through the good times AND the bad times. Find stories that focus on friendships…. because, as Leslie Knope would say:


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