PL Transcript for June #YearofYA

We had an amazing #YearofYA 1st birthday chat! Some¬†of our regulars missed out (we know how hard it is to plan around summer schedules!) and our questions were FLYING at a record pace, so Tavia created a transcript thanks to Participate Learning. It’s a fabulous resource if you haven’t used it before, and you can see how well it captures the chat as it happened, and also organizes it by Question/Answer.

So many great titles were shared last night, so if you’re looking to add MORE to your TBR list, check out our June chat.

Don’t forget we’re celebrating PRIDE in July and chatting July 20 at 8pm EST


#YearofYA Celebrates PRIDE in July

Yep. We’re a month late… but let’s just look at it like we’re keeping the party going ūüôā

You’ve probably seen many, many, many Pride posts pop up on your social media screens over the month of June. Reflecting on a month that’s typically about celebrating love and equal rights, we saw the most horrific mass crime since 9/11 on American soil. 49 lives hatefully taken, assumably because of how and who they love. Less than a year after the Supreme Court struck down DOMA. If there’s not a better time to grow more empathy,¬†become an Ally… I don’t know what is.

Reading can be transformative. I was fortunate¬†to have friends growing up who are LGBT+, so their stories are the catalyst for why I believe in equal rights, but sometimes a fictional story can help those who don’t have personal connections. Over the last several years, many LGBT+ books have hit the YA/MG market, especially with the push for #WNDB movement. Below are several places to find titles that fit our theme — both with LGBT characters, and/or authors.


Mollee Recommends:                                            Tavia Recommends:

George by Alex Gino                             Dante & Aristotle Discover the Secrets of the Universe 

Lily and Dunkin by Donna Gephart           Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Follow on Twitter: @TheGayYA              Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chomsky


Lauren (@lpdeal) recommends

Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan >> Lauren is missing out 2 months so we wanted to get her a platform to pitch in! ūüôā

BJ (@bjneary) recommends

October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard by Leslea Newman ‚Äď it is a MUST READ!!! Heartbreaking and powerful ‚Äď here is my review:¬†

Additional Sources




Epic Reads

The Guardian

1 Year of #YearofYA

Mollee here… just thinking about our upcoming chat tonight to celebrate ONE YEAR of this amazing Twitter Book club!

I’m so grateful to have connected with teachers, librarians, and readers across the country and beyond! The first time we had¬†people join us from beyond NC, then eventually, all the way from Canada… Tavia and I were ecstatic! We¬†have no desire to get so big and out of hand we can’t connect with people one on one, rather, we are thrilled by the connections we’ve made to people we wouldn’t know if not for #YearofYA.

It blows my mind to think that 1 year ago I did not know many of you, and now we¬†have regular conversations online. Plus! I’ve¬†celebrated w/ Marli in Margaritaville and met an abundance of authors with Allison at BEA! 2 people I would have passed by in person w/o knowing how amazing they are, if it weren’t for #YearofYA. Lauren is right down the road from me, and thanks to a crazy idea I had w/ my partner-in-crime, she became an online friend, and one I often see at book events around our little beach town! BJ is our resident-reader, whose “retired reading time” we’re all so jealous of (and enjoy the benefits of getting reviews!). There’s so many others than come and go w/ #YearofYA and we’re so grateful for each connection.

With that all said, we hope to have a great group tonight for our birthday chat! This month was easy – read whatever has piled up, now that we have time to catch up on OUR reading — all the questions can be¬†answered based on books you read this month, or over the past year! If you can’t make it, be sure to drop a comment on here, or just tweet out using #YearofYA anytime you want to connect — we check the # on a daily basis to stay in touch with our amazing book club friends!

We’re already scheming ways to making #YearofYA even more awesome in Year 2! Of course this wouldn’t have launched like it did, if not for the most inspiring partner-in-crime, #TheTinaToMyAmy!

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