Unmask the Mystery: #YearofYA April ’16

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We are excited to announce the 2nd Quarter line-up for #YearofYA 2016!

In April, we are encouraging you to explore mysteries in YA — there are some fantastic writers that crank out exciting mystery series, while others offer up a detective dish in addition to their wide repertoire. I’ve learned that mystery isn’t really my thing in adult lit, but the few I’ve read in YA — LOVED!

Maybe you have students or teens in your life who could use a little mystery and excitement to spice up their reading… expand your palate in April and come prepared to share what great titles enticed you on Tuesday April 26th at 8PM EST.

I {Mollee} already plan to read book 2 in Ally Carter‘s Embassy Row series – she’s an engaging writer that balances one genre (mystery) while pulling in elements of several others.  Loads of titles that fall under the mystery umbrella can also include fantasy, science fiction, romance, etc — the best part of #YearofYA is that YOU get to decide what YOU want to read for the theme. If you want to do all supernatural mystery – go for it! Have a series you want to read from #1-end? Do that! Just be ready and willing to share w/ us on Twitter the fabulous reads you discover in April 🙂

Lists to help you choose:

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