Launch of a new idea!

I’m constantly reading YA. Even though I’m a librarian in an elementary school (and read my fair share of kidlit), my heart belongs to YA.

Because I know I’ll spend much of my summer months reading YA, and revising my own YA manuscript, I thought it would be fun to share good reads, author news, and other cool stuff I come across. And the progress of querying an agent for my novel – eek!

The blog will be one place I’ll post, but also follow me on Twitter @molleebranden and on instagram: itsmemolleeb with #summerofYA Please connect and share your reads, your thoughts, and favorites over the summer!

Currently reading: Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider 

Just finished: Princess Academy Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale

While Princess Academy is more of a middle grade series, I think there is appeal for any reader 10-18. Miri is navigating first love, independence, and education in this low-fantasy sequel. There’s a lot more action and adventure than you’d expect for a Princess-themed novel, including a revolution that roughly reminds me of Mockingjay / Insurgent. I’m really glad I gave this series a try because I got so engrossed with Miri’s tale that I read the last 150 pages in 1 sitting. I’ll be reading the 3rd, The Forgotten Sisters, sometime this summer! If you end up reading one from this series, let me know!